make new friends…but keep the old

…one is silver and the other’s gold. Anyone else a girlscout growing up and know that song?

I was singing it with Kaitlyn the other day as she explained to me that she loved her new school and all her new friends. She’s very social, but also very timid in new situations and it takes her a bit to warm up.

After singing that to her (and her looking at me like I had lost my mind, which is not totally out of the question on any given day) I had the chance to go out to dinner and celebrate an old friend of mine’s birthday. And that song stuck in my head. And as I looked a Nee across the table, I thought to myself “you are gold”. She’s one of my dearest friends and I’ve known her for lots of years – through marriage and every pregnancy. She can sing, dance, play musical instruments and shine on any stage. When I think about it, we have nothing in common with regards to gifts, talents, hobbies, interests or personality. But I admire her greatly and count her as one of my most precious friendship blessings.

Maybe you have a friend or two like that? The ones that have lasted through life’s seasons and remained. Not the acquaintances you meet along the way, but the one’s who “stick” – even if not in everyday occurances. You know, the ones that you can talk to after 6 months of life passing by and it seem like not even a day has escaped you.

I don’t have many of them, but I have a few. And they truly are like gold to me. I was reminded of that the other night as I celebrated one of my dearest friends.

As seasons go by and new friends are made, those new friends are precious like silver to me. But those who have weathered storms, dealt with those really bad days with me and we’ve come out admiring each other just the same…those are like gold – what a precious and unmeasureable gift.

Who are your “gold” friends? Do you take the time to let a treasured few see the “real” you so that you have some gold nuggets in your pocket for a rainy day? As we celebrate Thanksgiving, what a great time to reflect on the “gold” friends and the precious place they have in our lives.