i don’t know who you are
but i see you
the sting of your loneliness
pierces my soul
as you wait and wonder
if the pain will ever go away
and your heart be able to rest
in the arms of someone who loves
and never leaves

silenced by years of abuse
numbed by the endless time of neglect
and discarded by ones who promised
to love you.

and i hope for you
when you seemingly have no hope
hope that you’ll meet Him
in your day

and i pray for me
and for you
i pray that He’ll let me meet you
love you
show His unfailing to you
because that is what He is

He will never fail or leave or abandon
only hold, carry and comfort.

and i pray that I’m ready
ready with His grace when I meet you
as foul language spews from your mouth
and your dark eyes hate
as coldness seeps from your every breath.

i pray that the morning before i meet you
i have been soaked in grace
filled and covered
so that it overflows onto you.

i pray that day i’m not selfish
offended at the way you’ve spoken to me
and i seem it fitting to put you in your place
but instead kind and somehow encouraging
when nothing in your life seems to be.

Oh Lord, I pray that I’m ready
that day You let me meet your child
that has been rubbed against the harshness
of this world
left silently bleeding and longing
for the healing and hope that comes
only from Your grace.

Today…Lord, today…help me be ready
for today not to be about me
but about the one You’ll let me meet
and overflow Your grace
onto one whose hope is empty.


5 thoughts on “ready

  1. Sheila-you are a beautiful overflow of God’s grace and love! Thank you for sharing your heart here-this is my prayer today too. Can you imagine what the world would
    look like if we all lived with eyes of grace?


  2. How beautiful:) Love ya my friend and I thank you for sharing this. Praying I live in a state of “ready.”


  3. Just stumbled upon this a few weeks late…well maybe not late. God wanted me to find this today. It may have not sunk into my heart when you originally posted it. It’s beautiful. It’s real. It’s LOVE.


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