wax on wax off

ever seen the movie “Karate Kid”?
Life has a way of beating us up.


Things don’t go the way I expect
People disappoint
I’m put into a situation where all I want to do is fight
…but I am ill-equipped and get taken down.


So I fall to my knees and I beg God
to equip me
to train me
to make me a mighty warrior for His Kingdom.


I sit before Him waiting for His great power to fill me
expecting that suddenly I am ready, trained and equipped
for every battle I will ever face.


But instead of a great battle being set before me
He asks me to wax on…wax off
He asks me to practice seemingly insignificant things
over and over and over
until they become not something I have to think about doing
but instead they become my response
a part of my character
who I am.


like how to love…
loving people when they’re difficult
loving friends when they betray me
loving others when they are mean or spiteful.


like being joyful…
joyful in small victories
joyful in the multitude of sweet blessings He’s given me
joyful even when I feel defeated because I know that He is not
joyful that I have hope in every circumstance.


like being peaceful…
peace in being still and knowing that He is God
peace in trusting Him and resting in His power
peace in His perfection, not my performance.


And I’m to the place where I know that
if I wax on…and wax off
He is training me
if I paint the fence….that fence with seemingly endless slats.
It’s then that I will be equipped
to stand strong in any battle He may allow
to pass into my life.


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