I love to brag on my Keith. One of the things I admire (or is it desire?) most about him is that he’s a fabulous cook. Which is sometimes surprising since by trade, he is an outdoor-working, manual laboring, swimming pool builder for our family owned business, Prestige Pools. But in his spare time, My Keith can cook like nobody’s business and desserts are his specialty. We joke alot that we will open up a bakery in our off-season when it’s too cold to build swimming pools…but then we remember that making desserts regulary in the winter probably wouldn’t be the best idea for our waistlines.

We had a small group a little while back and this is what he created…

These are candy bar cupcakes and get this…they have Snickers bars inside AND we got the recipe out the Taste of Home Healthy Cooking magazine…yummmmm.

These are red velvet cupcakes. I had never had red velvet anything and my Keith really thought I would love these…needless to say that I did (I don’t know that I’ve ever NOT loved a dessert that he’s made).

We got this recipe from


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