Happy Birthday My Sweet Pea

Seven years ago this morning
one of God’s most precious gifts was given to me
in my daughter, Kaitlyn.

She’s spunky, creative, colorful, headstrong
and wonderful.
And I am in awe beyond words
that I get to be called her mom.

I love you with all my heart sweet girl,
you bring such bright light into my life
I could never thank God enough for the gift of you.

I know that God will use you to change the world
to shine His light so brightly
as I already see Him doing.

You are so precious to me
and to our heavenly Father.

All the days of your life
I pray you live in His love
knowing He will never leave you
always carry you
always love you
and always draw you near to Him.

I’m so proud of you Kaitlyn,
I can’t believe I get to be your mom.


One thought on “Happy Birthday My Sweet Pea

  1. What a beautiful child you have. This kid will always have a special part in my heart. Happy Birthday Ms. Kaitlyn.


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