wanting God’s best

I have a huge desire to please God and do whatever He wants. But sometimes I don’t know what that is. And I can find myself so focused on trying to figure out exactly what it is that God wants me to do, that I forget to focus on HIM.

This morning, I found myself in that situation. We’re having to make some big decisions for our family and I want to do whatever it is God wants me to do.

But I know I’m not always really good at discerning what it is that He wants.

And this morning I realized that I had gotten so focused on making a decision, that I got distracted from my Chief Decision Maker – the One who can help me make good decisions…as well as keep me from making bad decisions out of ignorance or foolishness.

So, I stopped thinking (which is a very tough thing for me) and I started singing praises to God and worshipping who He is (or better put, making a joyful noise).

And I am amazed at how clarity has set in and how the decisions became so much easier. All the dust settled and I could see what should be done next and what next steps He wants me to take.

I realized that I am not responsible for making things happen, I am only responsible for seeking the One that is – and being obedient to whatever step He tells me to take next.

I was reading Joel Osteen’s blog and came across this prayer which resonated in my heart, reminding me that He’s got a perfect plan, I need just make my desire known and let Him take over.

“God, this is what I want. I’d love for things to go this way. You know what’s in my heart. If this is not Your best for me, God I’m fine with it because I know You have something better in store!”


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