He never does

Keith and I began a 21-day Daniel’s Fast yesterday. It’s the first one that he and I are doing together and doing completely. We have both done other fasts before, but we’ve never been on the same exact page with regards to what we were fasting, nor have we ever been so determined to not having any self-decided “loop holes” in what we were going to fast.

And yesterday was terrible for me.

The headache seemed relentless at times, making my stomach turn and my vision blurry.

Like many, I love coffee…but I don’t know that I knew how much I loved it. I don’t drink alot of it, but I drink one very large, very strong cup every morning, complete with yummy creamer and sugar.

Some days, it is actually what I look forward to as I get up out of bed before everyone else. It’s like my “treat” as I sit down, open my Bible and have coffee with my Jesus.

So, yesterday I was in survival mode knowing that if I could just get through the day, I knew the headache would subside and I’d be ok.

And although today is better without the headache, I’m becoming very aware of how addicted I apparently am to caffeine and how that cup of coffee in the mornings jump starts my day.

I love how God uses even the smallest details such as the energy I lack because of my absense of caffeine to remind me how big He really is…

I get overwhelmed
…He never does

I get confused
…He never does

I lose focus and get distracted
…He never does

I get tired and want to give up
…He never does

I get grumpy and selfish
…He never does

So, although I am not yet enjoying the fast physically, I love how God is already revealing to me how weak I really am…and how that’s exactly how He wants me so that His strength can be proved perfect.


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