Lord, I am so grateful
That You made me sit down
And be still before You.

For if You had allowed me to keep the pace
at which I am so accustomed to keeping
I would have missed it
when You kissed me on my cheek.

If You had continued to answer my prayers
for mighty miracles
I would have missed the victory in hearing
Your still small voice.

I would have sunk
in the anxiety of not understanding
instead of rejoicing at Your sovreignty
in all of my details.

I would have continued to focus only on
seeing You move mightly before me
instead of realizing that You
are walking so closely along side of me.

For I know You are quite capable
of marvelous works beyond my comprehension

But now I also know of the glory
that comes with walking hand-in-hand beside You.


One thought on “still

  1. Thank you. Beautiful. How I long to walk hand in hand with my Father. Sheila you have a wonderful gift. Thank you for giving it to the rest of us.


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