As I reflect on 2009, I will remember it as one of my favorite years
…as well as one of the hardest.

Undeniably, God answered a ton of my prayers
…but not in any of the ways I expected.


I prayed for favor
…and He showed me how to lift others up and give favor.


I prayed for humility
…so He allowed me be humiliated.


I prayed for more faith
…so He took away my sight and made me walk blindly with Him.


I prayed for patience
…and He taught me how to wait, with joy and with peace.


I prayed for humbleness
…so He revealed my many weaknesses & that I am nothing without Him.


I prayed for a grateful heart
…so He took away some blessings I had overlooked without giving Him thanks.


I prayed for forgiveness
…so He gave me a tough situation in which I had to ask for and give it.


I prayed for more of Him
…and He’s breaking me to make my life less about me.


I prayed that He would lead me
…and He taught me how to trust Him without necessarily understanding Him.


I prayed He would give me my desires
…and He changed my heart to desire Him alone.


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