I’ve spent alot of time resisting God’s will for my life.

Not intentionally, but because I focused on all the things I’d change

…instead of all the things He was trying to change in me.

The surroundings in which He has placed me have been uncomfortable,  

but over time, I’ve realized that they are necessary.

When I asked God to show me His will and make me more like Him,

He moved me to a country town so unlike everything I was used to.


And He took away all of my crutches…

…my relationship crutches (people I called before I called on Him)

…my ability to be super busy (because everything is just far enough away to be a hassle getting to)

…my comfort zone (requiring me to depend upon Him to navigate new territory)

And I spent alot of time grumbling about all the things He had taken away

Instead of realizing He was trying to give me more of Him.


Because ultimately He taught me that I can bloom where He has planted me.

And that being in the center of God’s will means that I choose to see Him in every circumstance.

…it doesn’t mean that I am always energized by my surroundings

…or getting to use my gifts

…it doesnt’ mean that I get to understand my circumstances

…or even be victorious in every battle.


It means that I choose to let Him grow me into His design,

by bending and twisting me into His likeness.

It means that I am surrendered, humbled and thankful that He has chosen to breathe life into this hopeless soul

…and teach me how to live in the freedom of his unconditional love and adoration.


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