I’m not fancy.

Or domestically gifted.

Or extremely witty or funny.

I’m not crafty.

Or creative.

Or musically inclined.

Instead I have alot of rough edges that need smoothing.

And determination and zeal that needs yielding.


I have been blessed beyond what I could explain with godly women in my life who have taught me so much about what God has showed them along their journeys.

And because I want so much to be pleasing to God, and most of the women who have poured into me possess at least some of the above characteristics, I have often felt like I was failing.

I can remember crying because ingredient lists were too long or that one of my kids wanted to be something great for Halloween and it threw me into a panic attack. Those things make my brain shut down and my heart to race.


But I kept hoping that if I looked in the mirror of my mind, and my reflection looked a bit more like the godly women around me – God could smile on me too.


So for a season, God took away the special gifts He had given to me to use for His glory.

To open my eyes to the fact that He didn’t create me to reflect someone elses image.

Or to strive for someone elses gifts.


He opened my eyes to the fact that He gives me what I need to do what He wants.

He didn’t make me crafty, or domestic, or funny or fancy.

Because He doesn’t need me to be those things to do the work He’s chosen for me.

And when I look into the mirror of my mind, I need not reflect any of the wonderful women He’s put around me.

I need only reflect Him.


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