During the Thanksgiving season I reflected alot on what I am thankful for…

The obvious things came to my mind and as I prayed that God would give me eyes to see more of Him.

I was overwhelmed by how thankful I really am for my husband, my three kids, my home, my church, my friends…

But as I reflected more on how I have changed over the years and the joy God has given me, I realized there was something that has brought me so much, but I’ve never really been grateful for…

my trials.


This year has been very intense for me. Not bad, just intense.

And I have grown more this year in my walk with Jesus than any other year.

And I realize it’s not because it was a fun year

or a year when lots of joyful miracles were celebrated (although miracles abounded nonetheless)

or when God revealed Himself in any singular way to be unexpectedly mighty.


Instead, it has been a year when He’s tolerated my tantrums to draw me closer to Him

…a year when most of His answers were “no” because He knows what is best for me (He certainly knows better than I do)

…a year when the familiar phrase “He gives and takes away” finally made sense to me

…as He took away so many distractions, activities, unnecessary busyness and striving

And gave me more of Him instead.


I am so very thankful for my trials because without them

I could never have seen God claim so many victories in my life.

I am so grateful that the presence of battles does not reflect the absence of God’s hand

…but quite the oppposite.


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