Build on the past – but don’t cling to it

Ever picked up a book or a study and thought it was written just for you, just for your season?

I’m doing a Bible Study called Radically Obedient by Aliene Thompson – it’s based upon Joshua. Wow.

Thought I’d share with you an exerpt from it …lately I’ve been so blown away by God’s Word and what He is teaching me that I have little to add. I hope it speaks to you and you can hear God calling your name. But I must admit, this is somewhat of a selfish post of something I want to have written where I can refer to it and remember.

Faith is moving beyond the comfort zones of your past. Insecurities will keep you living in the past – faith will move you forward.

Moses led the Israelites for over forty years. At this point, Moses was dead and God had tapped Joshua on the shoulder, telling him to “get ready to cross the Jordan” (Joshua 1:2). It was a new era and God needed a new leader for Israel. Moses had been a shepherd; Joshua was a warrior. Change was getting ready to occur. In this case, the Israelites went with the change, telling Joshua “wherever you send us we will go” (Joshua 1:16). Even if Joshua had not received applause from the Israelites, I believe he still would have followed God’s call for his life.

Our insecurities can make us dependent on approval from others. As we move away from our past and our comfort zones to follow God, our friends and family might not approve of our plans or support us. But God calls us to please Him, not man. When He calls, we need to follow.

God is always doing something new. It can be uncomfortable doing things differently, following a new leader, or going another direction. If you and I want to surrender completely to God, we must be flexible, faithful followers. Fear keeps us in our past; faith pushes us into the future that God has in store for us. Fear of the unknown limits us; faith in the Father allows us to rise to new heights.

Sometimes our past can be a wilderness, and yet we don’t want to leave it because it is familiar. God wants to take us outside of our comfort zone to find our Promised Land.

What old habit, place, or relationship are you reluctant to release in order to get into your Promised Land?


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