new journey

I live a pretty unexciting life, but I get to spend time in the presence of a very exciting God.

But yesterday, something exciting happened…

Keith bought me a new Bible.

It’s a soft brown NIV thinline Bible.


A little over four years ago on Mother’s Day, he bought me a black and gray NLT thinline Bible.

And in the years that I have had and studied that Bible, God has changed every crevice and corner of my life and my world.

I’ve marked through the whole thing, with all sorts of names, prayers and highlights.

Underlined verses that spoke to me intimately and memorized others I knew I needed written on my heart to get through certain seasons.

I’ve grown to depend on those Words more than my very breath on most days.

And fallen deeply in love with the Author.


But in my black and gray Bible, Revelation has fallen out.

And the Bible study I am about to begin is about God’s Covenant promises.

And the very first reference to covenant in Genesis 6:8, in the NLT version, doesn’t use the word “covenant”.  Which for this study, is pretty important.


So, Keith decided it was time.

And my new journey begins.

Not that the Scriptures change, they don’t. They never will.

But as I flip through the pages of my new Bible, I smile as I think about the things God will teach me during the days I sit with this Bible laying open in my lap.

I wonder who’s names I will write, which verses I will underline, what Psalms I will pray, what promises I will claim.

I think about how I will have to “re-learn” certain verses by their reference instead of the fact that I know where a certain verse is on a certain page and how I’ve marked it.


I’m so excited about my new Bible.

Not because His Word ever changes. I know it does not.

But because of how His Word will change me as I spend in my new Bible.


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