Harris Teeter Triples again…

Harris Teeter is doing triples again this week (3/25-3/31). You can see lots of great deals here at the savvydollar.org site. There are a TON of freebies.

As always…

1. They will only trip 20 coupons at a time – up to $0.99. Some checkers/stores will let you do multiple “shops”, but ask first…don’t assume that they will (last time we got “caught” and had to leave without checking out and go to another store).

2. if the coupon UPC starts with a “5″ and says “do not double”, it will still double/triple.

3. tripling starts at 7am on 3/25, Harris Teeter usually restocks late Friday night as well, so going late late Friday or early early Saturday can sometimes get you the products that are sold out by mid-morning the first day.

4. Don’t buy packaged food just because you have a coupon for it. If you don’t usually buy packaged food, look for the great deals and freebies in things like dish soap, cleaners, paper products, haircare and oral care.

5. Have fun!!!

If you have any questions, youcan definitely post a comment and I’ll try to respond very quickly, but there is some great information and lots of explanation at www.savvydollar.org.


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