I LOVE a good challenge.

A good challenge makes me giddy and shaky and nervous all at once.

…especially one that I KNOW will grow me closer to God.

I mentioned last week that Living Proof Ministries is challenging women to memorize scripture. Today they announced that they will be throwing a party in Houston, TX on January 22-23, 2010 for anyone who memorizes (and posts) 20 out of 24 times (2x a month) . See the details here.

I’m so there.

I’m behind because I have not yet posted, but I’m so excited about being held accountable to memorize scripture and there being a PARTY at the end that I’m going to double up and do this!

I’m going get my new index card spiral tomorrow, create a category in the budget to save some money and post my first scripture today on the LPM Blog.

Will you join me?

…even if you don’t follow the rules or have any desire to go to Houston and celebrate….will you join me in making scripture memory a priority?

With all the negative and discouraging news so easily seeping into our days, there is no more powerful weapon than the Word of God to defend ourselves against the attacks on our minds (Eph 6:16-18).


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