Over the years, I have learned what I am good at…and at what things I need to work hard.

I know the things that energize me and the things that tend to drain me.

I know the passions I have in my heart…the burdens…the things that give me chills.

And recently, I have been asking God to fulfill those passions in my heart, believing that of course since I had the gifts and determination…the passion, He certainly had the purpose.

And in His still small voice He whispers…

“Are you passionate about Me or are you passionate about using the gifts you believe you have?”

My response is “Lord, I’m passionate about You…whatever You want, I’m there.”

And His gentle reply, “If I never desire to put you in a place where the gifts you think you have are used and following me means that you live outside of your comfort zone everyday, am I enough for you?”

And I cringed because my heart’s response was “I don’t know”.

I mean I “know” He is…but do I believe it.

I don’t know.


3 thoughts on “passion

  1. […] April 15, 2009 provision Posted by sheilacowell under comfy pants No Comments  A couple of months ago I was talking to God about the fact that I am passionate about Him and wanted whatever He wanted to do in my life, even if it meant that I was completely outside my comfort zone (you can read about it here). […]


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