false start

I recently read that in the Olympics, if you false start in a race 2 times, you are disqualified.

Just think if you were a runner, about to experience the race you have been training for years to run, and because your foot moved before the shot sounded, it’s all over. No medal. No flag bearing. Nothing.

I am grateful beyond words that God does not disqualify me because of my false starts.

If there is one thing about me that has remained consistent throughout my life it is my zeal. Essentially, if I am about something, I am ALL about something. If I believe that God has set something in my heart, I run and run hard after it until it is done. Oftentimes though, my zeal thrusts me into unnecessary frustration because I did not stop and seek God for the details of my journey. I began before the shot sounded and forgot to set my hopes on God and as a result, unintentionally set my hopes in the outcome instead. And when things do not turn out the way I so clearly believed God would have them to, I become discouraged and defeated, wondering where I went wrong and asking why God is not “answering” me in this race I am running “for Him” (because in my mind there is only one answer I am listening for…and not getting it).

It is amazing to me that when God has a plan and my consistent focus is set upon seeking Him for every provision and detail how easily things fall into place. How His infinite ability to align the things of this world to further the population of His Kingdom never fails.

I am amazed at the fruitfulness of my efforts when my zeal is not focused on the circumstance or even it’s outcome, but instead on praying and seeking Him and waiting on Him to sound the shot before I take any steps.

Phil 6:33   But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well


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