my way

I prayed about it.

I have been on my knees before God, petitioning.

I have shared with Him how I think it could play out to bring Him glory.

I thanked Him in advance for answering my prayer.

…then WHAM!

His answer is not at all what I expected…or what I would have chosen.

I am crushed because I thought I had figured it out. Figured Him out….

So, I get angry and ask why.

I begin explaining to Him that my way is better and continue with a grown-up fit because my way is not what I’m getting.

But His ways are so much higher than my ways. His thoughts higher than my thoughts.

And I am reminded that oftentimes my dependence is so much more important to Him.

He obviously could have made it play out my way – He’s God.

But in His infinite grace and love, He chose His way instead.

…and tolerated my fit so that He could draw me nearer to Him.


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