2009 Goals

Resolutions to me are something I have to achieve “right now” whereas goals are a work in progress. For me, I know that change takes time and telling myself that I have to accomplish something right now because it’s a new year is a sure defeat for me. So, each year I write down some goals I’d like to achieve during the year. I try to make my goals specific and measurable so that I can look back and reflect regularly about how I am doing. Here are my goals for 2009:



– Cultivate my quiet times with focused study on God’s Word (instead of letting my feelings direct how I spend my quiet time). Pray about and have a guide for each day – even if God decides to have me focus on something else.

– Pray with Keith daily

– Memorize 1 Corinthians 13

– Memorize 1 verse monthly with Keith and kids



– Walk with Keith 3x a week

– Gym 2-3x a week

– 80 oz  of water a day

– plan meals at least weekly (before grocery shopping)

– at least 3 fruits/veggies a day



– make more effort to do girly things with Kaitlyn, wrestle with Dylan and read with Samantha

– Monthly datenight with Keith

– Weekly family night with kids (pizza and games)



– get 6 months of savings into an account

– create new category in budget for giving above tithe (call it 2Cor9:8 )

– save for 10 year anniversary trip in 2010



– Practice new skills daily

– Read at least 1 book in each of the following categories: spiritual growth (Crazy Love), business (Good to Great), investing (Enhancing Trader Performance), biography (Billy Graham & Ruth Bell Graham)



– Stay focused on an audience of One

– Blog 4x a week


2 thoughts on “2009 Goals

  1. I found you on Internet Cafe. That’s a great list of goals – and I like the idea of calling them goals rather than resolutions. I plan to do a post on my blog yet.


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