10 things I’m thankful for…

I am oftentimes overwhelmed by all that God has given me, because I know I have not earned, nor do I deserve any of it.

Here are my top 10…

1. Jesus loves me (wow, I could just stay here for days just thinking about it).

2. Keith is my very best friend (definitely a process, not a destination).

3. My kids think that I am a great mom (like I said, if God wants me to do something, He’ll give me everything I need to do it well…God’s power is obviously perfect in my weakness).

4. God, Keith and my kids forgive me daily.

5. My mom comes to visit us every 6ish weeks. She is so wonderful and has sacrificed so much for my sister and me. I’m so grateful for her.

6. Although growing up, my sister, Amita, and I were not close, God has made us kindred spirits that we are not just sisters by blood but more intimately sisters in Christ.

7. I have incredible in-laws that love us unconditionally and are always willing to drop everything to make time for us. My mother-in-law, Lani, has also been my mentor over the years (even years before she knew I would marry her son) and has continuously helped God teach me that my walk with Him is not about rules, but about reliance.

8. I have friends who I don’t see everyday, but that are like sisters to me because of the years we have shared life together

9. I have great neighbors with whom I can do life and live in a country who has people that sacrifice everything so that it is possible.

10. That my home is my refuge for me – a warm place where I always know I can come and be loved.


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