How much is it worth to you?

I just read one of the best posts ever with regards to new purchases. I do not necessarily agree with all of her opinions, but I think this one is dead on – read it here before you make another “want” purchase.

This philosophy along with Dave Ramsey’s research with regards to the fact that the most inexpensive vehicle you can own is the one you have now has kept me and Keith from┬ápining over the decision to purchase a new vehicle.

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I mess this whole thing up daily, wear fuzzy socks any time I can and believe you can't possibly be surrounded by daisies without smiling. I am married to a man who is proof that God sends broad shouldered, quiet angels to watch over us and get to be called mama by three crazy, creative, bold babies who keep me humble & awestruck daily. I hope you have fun here, slow long enough to smile at your world (and maybe laugh at me...and yourself a bit) and rest knowing you are adored by a gigantic God who wants nothing more than to spend a few moments with you.

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