Starbucks gift cards

I was looking for a cool gift for my kids’ teachers and after consulting a few teachers that I know, I found out that homemade cards and coffee mugs although touching, are not ranked in the top winners with regards to teacher gifts. I found out quickly that gift cards are the gifts teachers like the most. Shocker…I know.

So, aside from the fact that not everyone drinks coffee, I decided that $4 coffees get expensive for anyone and landed on getting Starbucks giftcards for my kids’ teachers.

Then, I tried to figure out how much? I mean, what really is a number big enough to let my kids teachers know that I truly appreciate them and all that they pour into my kids, but not break my bank either? And then I saw it…

Costco is selling five (5) twenty-dollar gift cards for $79.99!!! Can you believe it?? A FREE $20 Starbucks giftcard. That’s a 25% rate of return if you ask me.

So, then begs the question – if you think you will spend $80 on Starbucks in the next year, why not get $20 free? Or if you oftentimes give away Starbucks cards to volunteers, co-workers or friends, why not treat yourself as well?


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