Are you available?

I had the chance to help out a  friend today. Nothing huge or earth-shattering, all I did was make a PB&J for her child. Life had thrown her a curveball and suddenly a packed day had been thrown off schedule.

What a great privilege it was to help her. She did not ask for help. And the attention she needed was not because of some great disaster or victory in her life. But it was clear that by me sacrificing about five minutes of my time would help to get her day back on track.

After she left, I began to reflect…in general, what do I communicate to those around me with regards to my time?

Do I communicate that I have a mission and that mission demands all of my time – my days are full and if you want some of my time, please make an appointment?

Or do I communicate that although life can be hectic at times, I always have enough time to be interrupted by someone I love who may need a minute?

Ultimately, I always communicate something – good or bad. When someone calls, emails or pulls on my pant leg, they are requesting my attention. And with my response, I tell them something about how important their request is to me.

And as I thought about this, I began to think about Jesus. I mean, He had a pretty big mission to accomplish in just three years. Certainly a bigger mission than I could ever declare to have. He did not have a van to take Him and the disciples from place to place, nor could He text His next host home to let them know He would be a few minutes late.

…but He always had time to do what His Father told Him to do.

God’s most important instruction to me is to love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. His second is to love my neighbor as myself (Mark 12:30-31).

I wonder…do I ever live as though the mission at hand is more important than loving Him and loving those around me? When He’s requesting my time to help out someone around me, do I hear Him? Do I communicate to Him that His request for me to stop my life to pour into someone else’s is the most important thing? Or do I tell Him to wait because I am busy with the “mission” He has given me…and doing something unplanned or unexpected for a friend in need just does not fit into my day?


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