5 lbs

Thanksgiving has come and gone….and left a few pounds behind as it headed on towards next year. I checked the scale yesterday…bummer.

A couple of years ago, after deciding not to have any more children, I realized that childbearing had left behind the same “mark” to the tune of about fifty unwanted pounds. I have never been much of a dieter, mainly because if you tell me I cannot eat something, sure as the sun comes up it will be the only thing I crave. So, I landed on trying Weight Watchers since it never “deprived” me of any one food…and that sounded like something I could wrap my discipline around. It also broke weightloss down into increments – smaller goals that I met along the way in my journey to my “goal” weight. Again, smaller victories…I can do that.

So, after realizing the bounty that Thanksgiving has left behind, Keith and I decided to have a challenge over the next 3 weeks – to lose 5 lbs each before Christmas Eve. And here’s our motivation: we both love to eat – especially at the holidays. So the five pounds is just a headstart to whatever weight we may gain between Christmas Eve and January 2nd (I’d say the 1st, but we will be at my sister’s until the 2nd and we both adore all of the food she makes!)

One of the key principles I learned while on Weight Watchers was to drink lots of water (at least 64 oz) and eat lots of fruits and veggies (at least 5) everyday. I’ve noticed over time that if I can keep those two things in check, for me, the weight stays off because after covering those, there is not near as much room for much else. So, here are our guidelines:

1. Drink half our body weight in ounces of water each day (if you weigh 150, that’s 75 oz a day) or at least 64 oz.

2. Eat 5 fruits and/or veggies a day. We are not legalistic about what counts as “one”….any serving of fruits/veggies counts. The only rule we have is that it can’t be coated in butter, brown sugar or any other tasty condiment.

Join us if you’d like – but here’s my only other “rule” – if this gets condemning or discouraging at any time, stop! This is purely supposed to be fun and be a small victory to celebrate before Christmas.


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