house rules

so, I’m a slacker and haven’t blogged in a few days – but for good reason! For the past 4 days, we’ve had a 2-year old guest in our house! He’s been great and is a very easy 2-year old, but nonetheless, having another person in our house just kind of throws me off a bit. Things have been a bit more rushed and out of order. I’m a pretty routine and predictable person – that’s not necessarily the way I’m wired, but I’m probably most stressed when I’m rushed (especially when trying to get everyone in the house dressed and out the door) and have learned over the years that if I have a routine/schedule that all 5 of us know and is predictable, there is much less fighting or tension during any given day.

The funny thing is that over the past 4 days I’ve realized that although Bryton is a fantastic kid (I mean really fantastic…barely ever cries, loves Dylan, very easy going, eats just about anything, etc.)…he doesn’t know the “rules” in our house. Every house is different and in each house there are certain “rules” which the people who live in that house know to follow – even little kids. I’m guessing by the way both he and I responded to certain situations this weekend that although I expected him to know our “rules” or the way we do things here, I never explained it to him, we haven’t ever spent this much time together for him to learn them and, well, he’s two!

After taking him home tonite, I got to thinking about my relationship with God – and how it parallels my relationship with Bryton sometimes (except I’m the two-year old and God’s the “grown-up”…just in case you didn’t catch that). For example, if I don’t read the Bible, I don’t know His “rules” – or His expectations. If I don’t spend much time with Him, I don’t know His character or His reactions to certain situations. And ultimately, He’s God…and I’m not…His ways are so much higher than my ways, which pretty much equates me to a 2-year old on more days than I’d like to admit. 

After 4 days of being together all the time, Bryton and I (and the rest of the family) figured it out and we were on the same page. He knew certain things that were not allowed, but that there’d be love on the other side of any mistake he may have made. He started to get the hang of the fact that we were there to protect him, provide for him and have fun while we were together.

I wonder sometimes if that’s what God so longs for with us…

– for us to read His Words to find out what His “house rules” are so that He can keep us safe and show us more about Him

– for us to spend alot of time with Him so that we can learn His character and see that there’s love on the other side of any mistake we make

– for us to know that His ways are higher than our ways, but to also know that He loves to see us smile and have fun


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