Don’t know what to pray?

I had the privilege of hearing Mark Miller, the VP of Training and Development at Chik-Fil-A speak last night. Very humble and inspiring man who I’m sure has seen tons over the years at Chik-Fil-A and definitely spoke from a heart of experience. He shared that sometimes we don’t know what pray.

Here’s a prayer he challenged us all to pray (for us AND those around us):

Lord, I pray for…

– the courage of Esther

– the faith of Elijah

– the integrity of Joseph

– the obedience of Abraham

– the decisiveness of Joshua

– the wisdom of Solomon

– the righteousness of Noah

– the vision of Nehemiah

– the compassion of Christ

– the impact of the Apostles

Lord, help me hear Your voice and respond and to have the eyes of Christ.

Wow! Don’t know about you, but I find myself oftentimes in a place where I don’t even begin to know what to pray….this will definitely help!!

I also believe that if you wanted to watch the teaching he gave, you’ll be able to here


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