It’s cold and dreary outside today…but I’m energized! After taking my focus back this week and getting my eyes off of the things I don’t have and onto the things God has placed in my hands today, I have a renewed sense of excitement and energy about being faithful with those things.

When I decided to get my focus back onto the things that I have influence over and those around me that I have choices about, I made a list of those things that drain me – my drainers. They’re the things that drain my energy and make me lazy.

So…here are my drainers:

1. Water – if I don’t drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces each day I feel extremely sluggish and irritable. This is a joke with Keith…if I’m in a bad mood, the first thing he does is hand me a bottle of water. It’s my cue to check my attitude, drink 20 oz. and try to get my “crankypants” off (the opposite of comfy pants!)

2. Quiet time – Every morning I try to spend time preparing myself for my day with quiet time with Jesus…while it’s still dark and nobody is awake. If I sleep in and try to get sleep instead of stillness before the kids get up, watch out!!

3. Exercise – I have a very early exercise schedule and if I miss it, I can become very critical of myself (and the way I believe I look). For my season right now, exercise can take precedence over sleep on most days because early is what works best for me (of course I could just go to bed earlier….hmmmm).

4. Clean house – not a super-fanatic clean house, but the dust bunnies can’t be taking over and there has to be at least some space on the kitchen floor where I can step and not “crunch”. If you need help with this, check out flylady.net – great resource for keeping up with cleaning by breaking your house into zones and working on either cleaning or de-cluttering.

These are not all of them, but these are four very key ones for me. If I kill these drainers, my chances of clarity and increased focus multiply exponentially.

What are your drainers? What do you need to do to keep the drainers out of your day?


2 thoughts on “Drainers

  1. Awesome insights, I think being at home I become so aware (and critical) of the state of the house…I like the idea of getting up before the little ones too! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂


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