You’ve given so much….thank you

I was still feeling a little funky and a bit selfish this morning…having a hard time getting my eyes off myself and onto others…and then my kids reminded me that it’s Veteran’s Day. Kaitlyn’s definition of Veteran’s Day is “a day to honor the people who died to help us”. Pretty good definition if you ask me.

So I’m going to spend today saying “Thank You” to all the people who have sacrificed so much – way more than I could ever begin to wrap my heart around – so that I can sit in my kitchen in my jammies with my kids this morning and not have any great concern that someone will start shooting at us, that Keith will be taken away to be a government slave or that someone will come and take my kids away from me to work for no wages.

..I’m pretty aware that’s not the case for everyone.

So, if any of you are reading this and either have sacrificed part of your own life or have a loved one who has, I’d like to say thank you from our family…

thank you that I got to wake up this morning to a peaceful silence

thank you that I get to stay home with my kids and watch them grow up

thank you that I get to vote and have a say in who leads our government

thank you that there are not men with guns standing guard on my street

thank you that I can get medical care if I need to

thank you that Keith can go and earn a living to provide for our family

…I know that you have sacrificed so much. Or you have watched your spouse go off to far away lands and while you sit at home missing them, hoping they stay safe, they spend their days fighting to protect the things I often take for granted. All the while doing it for no gratitude or appreciation, just a commitment to protect those in our great country.

I have a friend from highschool who is in Iraq right now. I’ve had the priviledge of seeing pictures of one of his homecomings and the hugs he gave his young son and wife. I have no idea how he does it – or how she endures it. And as sad as it makes me to see such bittersweet homecomings, I’m so very grateful he goes, and that she endures. Thank you Jeff and family – I know we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms that we do without people like you to give up your lives to protect ours.

so, instead of being funky and selfish today, I’m going to be grateful. To all of those who have sacrificed or are sacrificing right now…thank you so much for being willing to fight for my family. We appreciate you. Today and everyday we “honor you for sacrificing your life to help us.”


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