Black Friday

I’m sitting down to start going through my lists and figuring out what to get who this year for Christmas. I love to shop on Black Friday (less than 3 weeks from today!). I think it’s the drama of getting up early and being amidst the chaos and frantic women (mostly) that think that the best deals lay just beyond the aisle they’re on and the MUST get there now! I love the deals too, obviously. I can remember 2 years ago spending between $300-400 on Black Friday and coming home to see what I had saved based upon the Sunday ads before Thanksgiving (since the Black Friday ads mostly don’t come out until Thanksgiving Day) and calculating an approximate savings of about $400!!! I have a Christmas “allocation” in my budget, so it’s set by the time I get to the Friday after Thanksgiving and I do my absolute best not to go over it….making the Black Friday deals a necessity.

For those of you who haven’t ventured out on a Black Friday – you’ll have to put on some armor and a warm coat…but the savings are definitely worth it….and make sure you have a “buddy” to go with you so that you can take turns standing in line while the other shops (the lines are instantaneously 100 people long the minute the doors open).

My favorite stores to shop on Black Friday are Toys ‘R Us, Kohl’s and Old Navy – probably because they’re all right there in Crossroads in Cary and I can get just about every present in one of those 3 stores. I’ve realized over the years that if I have a list, a buddy and a set budget I tend to fair quite well on the savings….oh, and I have to remind myself to smile (because nobody else is), take a deep breath and relax. I’m not hunting for Disco Elmo this year, so anything I might miss on that day I can certainly find on sale on Christmas Eve 🙂

Do any of you shop on Black Friday? What stores do you go to? Where do you find the best deals?


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