Pizza buffet for 5 under $10

So, a bit of practical frugalness for those of you who may subscribe to the News & Observer (the North Carolina newspaper)…

They have treated my family of 5 to a dinner at CiCi’s (a pizza buffet) for $9.06!!! If you subscribe to the N&O, be sure to check out the “Rewards Zone” and sign up to take advantage of the coupons they have on there. I’ve printed multiple copies of the Cici’s coupon they have for buy one get one free (aka: BOGO) buffet.  So, we go in and say we want 2 adult buffets and I had them one coupon and then say I want 2 kid’s buffets and hand them the other (Samantha Joy eats free since she’s under 3), we all drink water and we feed all 5 of us an unlimited amount of pizza (the one meal ALL 5 of us agree upon) for under $10 bucks!

…they also have BOGO for Coldstone Creamery “mine” or “ours” take home buckets…heavenly! And while you’re on the N&O website, be sure to stop by Sue Stock’s “Taking Stock” website (see my blogrool for her link) that’s all about coupons – she’s amazing!!!

….I’ll post more about coupons later this week!


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