my Keith

Ever had a day when you were in a funk? No particular reason, just funky feeling…no energy, bad attitude, snippy…today, I’m in a funk….

So, I decided it’s a perfect day to continue with introductions and write about my favorite person – my husband, Keith.

mykeithKeith is quiet – that’s probably the first adjective most people would use to describe him. And he is. Over the years though, I’ve discovered that he’s quiet not because he has nothing to say but because he feels no need to create noise unless it’s helpful to those around him. He doesn’t judge or criticize and he doesn’t feel any need to be in people’s business unless they’ve invited him to be. He thinks before he speaks and takes the verse Proverbs 17:27 very seriously… “A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered”.

Yup, that’s my Keith…to a tee!

Because of the fact that he thinks before he speaks, I’m pretty sure I could count on both hands the number of times he’s had to apologize for saying something hurtful to me (ummm…unfortunately, I’d need a few more hands to count the times I’ve had to say it!)

He’s kind and he’s thoughtful to those around him. He’s the strongest man I know. He’s not shaken by things around him and he has this gift of seeing things from a perspective of optimism that keeps me from any negative rant I may try to embark upon. And even on those days when I chose to rant despite his calmness, he just smiles and nods and lets me vent. Ultimately quieting me – because, really, how much fun is it to rant without response?

Keith also loves football, baseball, golf, hockey, basketball….um pretty much anything that involves competition and stats. He’s got more fantasy teams than I can keep up with and I’m beginning to believe that we could make some money if he would teach a class on it (I’d have to check with the guys he’s playing against to see if he’s having a winning season first).

I could probably write multiple pages about him..but it comes down to this – I love him – he’s my hero, the man of my dreams (and beyond) and my knight in shining armor. He’s rescued me from pits I’ve intentionally flirted with and showed me in person what the love of Christ looks like. Don’t hear me wrong…he’s not perfect….but he’s mine and I’m so grateful he’s the one God chose for me.


One thought on “my Keith

  1. Reading your blog has made my heart miss you guys. We really should take advantage of us living so much closer now. I’d love to plan a visit with you guys. Let’s talk soon? Love you all or…. “ya’ll” now that I’m back in VA 🙂


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