Activity charts and the treasure box

In the quest to encourage my kids to “do the right thing” and become part of the team we have here at home (yes, Keith is an avid sports fan…so “team” is an easy concept to build in our house) I use what I call “Big Girl/Boy Activity Charts”.

Each child has a chart (yep, even Samantha) taped to the playroom door and each chart has 6 activities for which they can be rewarded. When they do the designated activity, they get to put a sticker on their chart in the corresponding column. When they reach 10 stickers – and have at least one sticker in each activity – they bring me their charts and get to go to the “treasure box” to pick a treasure (a plastic storage box that I keep in our coat closet filled with small trinkets).

Every time they fill a chart and it’s time to print a new one, I sit with them and we go through each of the activities to see if any need to be changed.  I try to make sure there are “easy” ones and ones that will challenge what they would choose to do if the chart was not in place. In our house, the “try a new food” never gets to go away…I have some picky eaters and any leverage I can gain on getting them to try new things I’ll take 🙂

Here are the activities I have on the charts for each of them right now (and I just use a clip art insert to show them since they can’t read yet) and pictures of the charts below:

Kaitlyn: Empty dishwasher, get dressed first thing in the morning, do homework, getting a star stick at school, try a new food, helping mom with laundry

Dylan: empty dishwasher, get dressed in the morning, cleaning up toys, laundry, try a new food, dry pull-up

Samantha: empty dishwasher, sharing, cleaning up toys, helping mom with laundry, try a new food, sit on potty


One thought on “Activity charts and the treasure box

  1. Ahhh..the chore charts…we have gotten away from these and need to bring them back. We keep try a new food on there as well, even for 8 and 9 year olds it’s a good thing to do!


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